2020 Just Got Off to a Rumbling Start with These 4 Harleys

From coast to coast, Australia is a land filled with unforgettable landscapes, scenery, and sights. And the best way to take in all the scenic locations this country has to offer is none other than motorcycling on the open road. To help you handle the corners on the road better, and with more stability, Harley-Davidson has four new units rolling out, including the incredible 2020 Low Rider S.

For over 115 years, Harley-Davidson is the iconic motorcycle brand that has survived two World Wars and the Great Depression. Year-after-year, HD has always rewarded its faithful riders with more powerful models, and the year 2020 is no different. Here are four Harleys you should be looking at if you are in for the ride thrill of a lifetime!

2020 low rider s

2020 Low Rider S

Part of the classic Softail series, the new Low Rider S features a lightweight frame with a stiffness that ensures your rides are always responsive. The inverted front fork on this unit helps improve your steering, while a single-cartridge technology ensures the front wheel remains planted for improved performance. Driving this power horse is a Milwaukee-eight 114 engine parked with enough torque to power your journey while emitting a deep soul-satisfying rumble.

Raised controls give you an aggressive riding position, and the rear adjustable rear suspension allows for customization for the faster acceleration and better cornering. Fitted with anti-lock braking system (ABS) front disk brakes, the Low Rider S assures you of optimal braking performance even in less than ideal situations.

2020 Superlow motorcycle

An 883CC air-cooled Evolution engine brings you an authentic Harley experience with drippings of power. The engine is rubber-mounted to ensure it runs smoothly and hard for thousands of kilometres on the open road. A low, ergonomic seat ensures you are comfortable all through the ride, while the easy-grip handlebars ensure that all riders maintain a comfortable riding position.

2020 Iron 883 motorcycle

This should be the poster bike for all Australian Harley enthusiasts with its black powder coating and the black on the throwback air cleaner cover. The low seat, low rear suspension, and a narrow seat make it easy to manoeuvre around potholes on town roads or rocks along dirt roads. The Iron 883 shares the same engine as the Superlow so you can take on thousands of kilometres with no worries.

2020 Forty-Eight Special

Lastly, the new Forty-Eight comes with a 1200cc Evolution engine ready to cough up enough torque for a unique fun ride. The 70’s inspired custom tank art is a bold statement of the strong connection Harley has to its ancestral roots. A bold muscular attitude is sure to get you noticed as you roll through cities and deserted towns.

Many faithful riders know they just like Harley-Davidson bikes more than other bikes, but it is important to focus on the tangible aspects of one. If you would like to see the 2020 Low Rider S, Superlow, Iron 883, or the Forty-Eight Special up close and in person, Gasoline Alley is where you should be at. Visit their showroom to check out available stocks right now and even book a test ride right now.