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Choosing the Right Respirator for Your Employees

Respiratory testing is one of the most neglected and violated standards among work sites. The purpose of respiratory fit testing is to assess the effectiveness of the respirator from protecting employees from inhaling hazardous chemicals or airborne contaminants. This is essential for employees working in construction, chemical laboratories or other relevant jobs. It can harm their bodies when subjected to a workplace that has exposure to fumes, infectious substances, harsh chemicals, and dust.

Various occupational health companies provide respirator fit testing services. As an employer, you must personally be informed of what pros does having a respirator gives to your manpower.

What is the Hazard?

Before identifying the correct respirator for your workplace, you just need to evaluate all the types of hazardous fumes and chemicals which may affect your employees. Different fields of industries require different types of respirators too.

You may be engaged in a medical field that exposes your employees to various airborne diseases. Or you can also be working as a construction company and your employees are susceptible to high-altitude medical conditions when they are subjected to high-altitude welding projects.

As an employer, you must intensively identify the chemical and physical properties of all the hazardous components on your workplace, its toxicity, concentration and areas that can be covered by this element. All of these factors are needed to identify through engaging in respirator fit testing services. This will determine what kind of respirators would be the most applicable to your employees.

How does the Hazard Affect Your Employees Working Experience?

Aside from different classification of injuries and accidents that workplaces are susceptible to, an employer must also consider the respiratory quality of the air in which his employees breathe in. After identifying the hazardous elements to protect your employees from, the next thing that you have to do is determine how do these hazards affect your employees during working hours. Check it out at Resile

There are currently two types of hazards. First is the hazard which is immediately dangerous to life or health. These hazards include oxygen deficiency, gas and vapor contaminants that are highly toxic, and contaminated atmosphere. The second hazard is not immediately dangerous to life or health. This includes gas and vapour contaminants, particulate contaminants, smoke, and other fire-related contaminants. These hazards require different types of respirators to be used.

How is the correct fit of a respirator measured?

Different respirators require different measurement processes and some even require individuals to remove facial hair. Correct fitting of respirators is usually conducted by occupational health services or other medically-allied companies who are trained to conduct respirator fit testing.


All employers must not neglect the respiratory health of their manpower. Though this aspect of health and well-being might not be included in the traumatic injuries classification, we must not forget that breathing is one of the functions of our bodies that keeps us alive. Working without worries is essential in ensuring quality services that your employees provide you and your company.

To ensure the correct fitting of the respirators for your employees, you can check out different companies that provide quality respirator fit testing services to maximize the health, well being, and productivity of your workforce. You can try looking at for more training on how to wear respirators properly. You can also contact them for further checking if the respirators fit all of your employees’ faces individually. By doing this, you’re ensuring optimum protection from any hazard in the air they breathe in.